About the Blogger

Hi there! I’m Isabelle: she/her, bisexual, Taiwanese-American, college student. Ravenclaw 🦅 and Capricorn ♑, if that means anything to you. My primary language is English, but I grew up speaking/reading Mandarin (traditional) and am learning Spanish and Japanese; I currently read almost exclusively in English, but I eventually want to read works in their original language (e.g., 紅樓夢, 西遊記, The Little Prince, and books by Gabriel García Márquez).

My favorite genres are fantasy/sci-fi, historical fiction, contemporary, and memoir, particularly in YA and NA, but I’ll read almost anything that sounds interesting. I’m particularly interested in works that include diverse characters and/or address social issues — especially for the APID(A), LGBTQIA+, and/or neurodivergent communities — so please let me know if you have any recs!

Sometimes I make things (baking, crochet, fanfiction, etc) based on what I’ve read and loved recently. I’ve also been working on getting back into original writing (novels, short stories, poetry), so there will probably be some posts about that too.

You can reach me by email or through my contact form.

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