Bookish Discord Servers

Below are the blogging/writing discord servers that I’m part of! I can vouch for all of them being friendly, helpful, inclusive spaces — they’ve been huge in helping me feel welcome in the bookish community, and I adore the friends I’ve made in each.

If you’re interested in any of them, I’ve included invite links that were made available, which you can click to join; otherwise, you can reach out to the admins as listed (or let me know and I can contact them for you)!

The Writers’ Cove

The server was created with the intention to form a community of writers. The goal is to create friendship, collaboration, engage in constructive discussion, getting feedback, find writing partners, exchange connections and much more.

We have sections for various genres, as well as a general chat and resources for writing/editing/publishing/etc.; this is also a great place to find beta & sensitivity readers and/or critique partners!

ADMINS: Camilla + me!

[Invite link]

New Bloggers Discord

Evelina created this group with lots of love and she hopes that we can all work together to support each other and help you feel at home.

The goal of New Bloggers is to help new bloggers see their way clearer in the book blogging world. So you can ask all the questions you have and we’ll try our best to answer. As time passes, you’ll get more experience yourself – then you can also pass on the knowledge you’ve gained to newer members too.

ADMINS: Lauren + Evelina

[contact admins to join]

Bookish Collision

This server was created and is being created with the aim to help bring BookTubers, Book Bloggers and Bookstagrammers together, so we can better understand what goes into each other’s platforms. Make new friends within the book community as a whole; support one another’s content across the platforms.

ADMINS: Clo + Sam

[Invite link]

Blogs & Tea

Our main goal with Blogs & Tea is to provide an area that is dedicated to blogging and all that it entails. Yes that’s right, it’s for any bloggers, not just book bloggers.

We hope to be a place that bloggers can go to:
– talk to more bloggers
– share your content
– be introduced to new blogs to read
– grow their engagment through friendships made
– inspire each other
– look for other bloggers to collab with
– share opportunities they come across and where to look for them
– request help with blogging difficulties
– support on those days you’re just not feeling it

But also somewhere potential bloggers can turn to if they need advice on where to get started.

ADMINS: Lauren + Allie

[Intro post w/ invite link]