Review Policy

I am not currently accepting review requests — although I am on summer vacation, I am focusing on some personal goals and administrative blog tasks; therefore, any review requests that I receive in the meantime will be deleted and will not receive a reply. However, I am accepting requests for author interviews and guest posts.

Thank you for your understanding.

First things first, thank you so much for considering me to review your book! Please keep in mind that I’m a college student with a not-insignificant amount of coursework and real-life commitments, so unfortunately I can’t accommodate every request. Requests that do not comply with the following review policy will be deleted without further notice.

Post options: I am open to author interviews or guest / collaborative posts and review requests, including self-published and indie authors.

Accepted formats: I prefer digital formats (Kindle; Adobe Digital Editions is not preferred but I can work with it); print is also fine. No audiobooks, please.

Genres & rep: I’ll read most YA books, especially if there’s significant LGBTQ+ and/or APIDA (plus other PoC) and/or neurodivergent / mental health representation, though I generally prefer fantasy, historical, mythological, and contemporary. I also enjoy memoirs / biographies and I’m generally open to nonfiction, depending on the topic.

I’m not a huge fan of dystopia, romance (as primary plotline), erotica, horror, or thrillers.

I am an #ownvoices reviewer for Asian-American (Taiwanese / Chinese), queer (biromantic demisexual / bisexual), neurodivergent & mental health (autism spectrum & anxiety), and New Adult representation.

Reviews: My reviews tend to be quite honest about what I did and didn’t like, in accordance with my 5-star rating system; however, I do try to point out what I think others might enjoy about a book even if I personally was not blown away. (You can look at previous reviews to get a sense of my style.) 

Timeline: I do my best to finish review copies within the month, though books I receive post-release may get slightly lower priority. I write my reviews as soon as I’ve finished the book, at which point I will post them to Goodreads and, if requested, send a link or paste the contents of the review in an email to the author or publisher; if cross-posting to my blog, I schedule the post within about two weeks of the release date.

Distribution: By default, I post all reviews to Goodreads and some also to this blog; if I rate a book below 3 stars, I may not cross-post the review or I may include it in a mini-review post with others. I am open to cross-posting to booksellers such as Barnes & Noble (but not Amazon) but make no guarantees.

I reserve the right not to review your book for any reason, regardless of whether or not I have received a copy.

For reviews: If you’ve read over the above information and think I would be a good fit for your book, please email me ( with the summary, release date, any preferences for post timing, and any additional relevant information. 

For author posts: If you’ve read over the above information and think my blog would be a good fit, please email me ( with a brief author bio, upcoming release(s), what type of post you’re interested in doing, and any additional relevant information.

Thank you again for your interest!

Last updated May 27, 2019